Disabled Babies – Infants with Hemiplegia, Club Foot and other physical disabilitiesPosted By:

We had a mother in Italy purchase our Swimava Baby Ring today. Here baby has Hemiplegia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemiplegia) and she hopes our product will provide a means to better water activity for her baby. A few months ago we had another mum come to us, her twins have Club Foot (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Club_feet). Our Swimava Pool Set is a great way for infants to be... Read More...


Baby Exercise at 16 months!Posted By:

My Daughter is 16 months old now and she’s still using her Swimava daily. She’s very confident in the water and always ready for bath time. I believe she will the benefits of her being able to exercise mildly on her own, at such an early age will carry on into her future years. I consider us to be so fortunate that she’s a healthy and happy baby and I firmly believe... Read More...


My Daughter: Swimava Swimming from 1-13 monthsPosted By:

This pool / swim system is very popular in Asia and is growing quickly in North America and the EU. I’m Asian myself and we have many friends and family that swear by this system for early swimming, bathing, learning and development. Think of having both hands free to bath your baby while they swim at such a young age! We had our baby swimming from three weeks old right until... Read More...

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