Safety for Starter Ring

Always Stay Within Arm’s Reach

Take this opportunity to bond with your baby while they experience the freedom of movement in the water.

Get Ready

Some tips on how to get started with Swimava and how to make bath time at home a success.

Prepare your Baby

Make sure your baby is ready – pay close attention to emotional cues from your little one before and during water time.

Proper Use

Nothing is more precious than your baby! Safety is the highest priority, please make sure you are using your Swimava Starter Ring properly.

Play Time or Relax Time

Do you want to energize or relax your baby?  Setting just the right water temperature and atmosphere will do the trick.

After Care

Some tips on what to do after bath time – for your baby and for your Swimava products.

Where to Swimava

Water time is not just for the pool! You can use Swimava products in your home bathtub, a local baby spa or a private spa.