Our Beliefs

Born in the UK, chosen by the world. The UK is where you will find the beginnings of Swimava, but our global community is where you find our soul. 10 years in, we have over 20 partners around the world who share our belief that exercise and physical stimulation are the groundwork for long, happy, healthy lives. Be smarter than ever before when choosing products for your baby.

Return to a Natural Environment

Creating an environment that may remind newborns of 9 months in their mother’s womb can be achieved by using our Swimava Starter Ring. Free movement in warm water may elicit memories of a familiar and comforting experience. Infants who have not developed muscles will have the freedom to move their body parts without difficulty.

Make Bath Time Fun

Spend some quality time with your baby. Swimava helps to give you and your baby more freedom during bath time. You will be able to reach all parts of your baby and not have to worry about them slipping out of your hands, or his head going under water. Your baby will also have the ability to safely splash and move around, making bath time more enjoyable.

Physical Benefits

The human body is affected by gravity. In water, buoyancy and weight displacement reduce the influence of gravity, in turn reducing the weight load on muscles and joints. Infants may not be strong enough to stand, but are able to move and manipulate their bodies in the water. This freedom to move their entire body helps with cardiovascular development, blood circulation, muscle coordination, development of motor skills and the possibility of strengthening the immune system.

Health Benefits

Early water activity has a number of health benefits.  Physical exertion will tire your little one out, leading to deeper sleep and sweet dreams for the entire family.  Exercise helps improve appetite, an active baby is more likely to eat more. An active person will have active bowels, while a lazy person will have lazy bowels. Bowel regularity can help relieve constipation and colic. Gentle movement in warm water may help soothe an unsettled baby leading to a feeling of calmness and serenity.

Mental Benefits

Time spent in the water can be effective in calming or invigorating the mind. Have the water a little warmer, the lights a little lower and nice relaxing music playing to help calm your baby and get him ready for bedtime. Have the water a little cooler, the lights a little brighter and some fun upbeat music playing to wake your little one up and get their heart rate going.

Gain Confidence

Swimava has developed a product line-up to help with gaining confidence in the water and the preparation for proper swimming lessons. Water safety and confidence is a MUST for all children, be sure to get your baby in the water from a young age! Swimava provides an opportunity for you and your baby to feel safe and confident while exploring the freedom of movement in the water!