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This pool / swim system is very popular in Asia and is growing quickly in North America and the EU. I’m Asian myself and we have many friends and family that swear by this system for early swimming, bathing, learning and development. Think of having both hands free to bath your baby while they swim at such a young age! We had our baby swimming from three weeks old right until 13 months so far and we really have seen a notable difference. She sleeps much deeper after she’s had a good thirty minute swim. She has her time in the pool – she can do as she pleases for 30 minutes and lets us know when she’s had enough.

She has all four limbs free to move as she wishes even at a time when she could hardly move when lying on a bed. We really believe this product has helped her development. Now she’s old enough for a public swimming pool and she is extremely confident! Regarding any concerns you may have with placing a swim ring around your babies neck, may I say, I was extremely sceptical when my mother-in-law first brought this gift to us. I thought NO WAY! My prejudice was quickly shifted though as she honestly only ever cried the first day – and I believe the main reason for that, was was the water temperature (this is critical!). There is absolutely no strain whatsoever on her neck and most most natural place for her to be is in the water. Admittedly, every baby is different though and we did however have this pool and ring checked by our family paediatrician to ensure that it would be suitable for our baby (we do recommend all parents do this: http://www.swimava.com/swimava_guide_usa.html). They had no issues and we were were happy we did have it checked. The manufacturer also confirms EU CE certification. The main point is that babies are usually quite fat and that fat floats! All they really need is something to help support their head while they are in the water. This ring does that… When our baby stops swimming her legs/body float up and she relaxes… I hope you enjoy this photo of my daughter…

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